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Payment Processing Support:


1.     Can residents remove or edit details such personal and bank information for the Monthly Payment programs? Both resident’s and property staff are able to delete residents from the Monthly Payment programs. However only a property staff member is able to edit payment details or change a resident’s status.

2.     How can I view the date on which a Payment request was submitted? Payment request dates are available to residents through the Resident Network website. To obtain this date you can contact PayLease Client Services team at the following toll free number: 866-850-3500


3.     How soon after accepting a Monthly Payment request will the resident’s payment be processed? Payments accepted by the last day of the month will be processed on the first business day of the next month.  Please refer to the processing calendar on the support page for dates.


4.     Will the management office receive an email communication when there is a pending resident payment request? The management office will not receive an email notification for pending payment requests.  You will be notified through the Items to Process box on the PayLease welcome page when a resident payment request is pending.


MyResidentNetwork Technical Support:



5.     Can residents view images of all of the statements they have received from PayLease through the Resident Network website? Residents can view the six most recent statements that they have received from PayLease through the Resident Network website.


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